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Treat every client like you would want to be treated and do the very best job that you can. Our priority is to provide the client with excellent legal representation, top level customer service, and to exceed their expectations. We do this by focusing on the clients needs and goals and working diligently towards a successful outcome.

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Often my Greater Cincinnati, Ohio DUI clients will ask me if a DUI/OVI conviction to be expunged.  Records of non-conviction are always able to be expunged.  Records of conviction are seperated into two catagories.  Those specifically excluded from elligibility for expungement and those allowed to be expunged.  A DUI/OVI is specifically not elligible for expungement [...]

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard a person representing themselves in a DUI trial in Cincinnati say something like that in their defense on a charge of speeding, only to have all the defense attorneys in the room silently groan.  Next, the Judge explains to the defendant that this is not a [...]

Every defendant in a Cincinnati DUI case has the right to remain silent.  Typically there is little to say in court for a defendant unless you are found guilty and sentenced. At sentencing, the Judge will ask the defendant if they wish to say anything.  We always try to address this with our clients in advance because saying [...]

We typically limit our practice to DUI defense, criminal defense or traffic matter in the Cincinnati area, but we will consult with you on any legal matter you have. If it is a matter outside that, we will still consult with you, but would rather give you no advice than bad advice.  If we cannot [...]

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