Urine & Blood Tests

A DUI can be charged because of alcohol or drugs in a person's body.  The last post listed Ohio's DUI statutory prohibitions against certain levels of alcohol in the body.  In this post we see the prohibition against certain levels of drugs in the system. ORC 4511.19 states teh following: (j) Except as provided in division (K) of this section, the [...]

The term legal limit will make most DUI lawyers cringe.  This is because there is no legal amount of alcohol to have in the body and drive. Below, the (A)(1)(a) section says that if the officer believes you are under the influence of alcohol he can charge you with a DUI no matter what level [...]

My client's are often confused about what it means to have one drink.  They are really confused when that one or two drinks causes them to test over the prohibited level in Ohio of 0.08 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath. The CDC publishes an online FAQ about alcohol on their website, http://www.cdc.gov/alcohol/faqs.htm#4.   [...]

 O.R.C. 4511.19(D) also requires that the breath test be conducted on an approved breath-testing devise. Currently, there are three approved breath-testing devices in Ohio, BAC Datamaster, the Intoxilyzer 5000, and the Intoxilyzer 8000.  For the test result to be admissible at trial, the machine must have been properly maintained and calibrated. The Ohio Administrative Code requires [...]

Man Says Police Forcibly Collected Urine Sample - This was reported here in Cincinnati by WLWT. Lawrenceburg, IN.  Sept. 3 — An Indiana man has filed a lawsuit claiming that police forcibly withdrew urine from his body during a drunken driving arrest. According to the suit, police arrested Jamie Lockard, 53, on suspicion of drunk [...]

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