Jail Time

No.  For misdemeanors, you will most likely immediately serve the jail time according to what county the offense was in.  This is subject to some exceptions. If the county jail is full, sometimes the best thing the sheriff can do is tell you to come back.  If there is funding, they might try to send [...]

Here is what you can expect if you are charged with a felony DUI or OVI in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Your first court appearance will be for misdemeanor arraignment.  A plea of not guilty is typical at this time. Next we will address the issue of bond.  If you are locked up in jail we can [...]

A recent client reported back to us her observations about procedures when serving time at the Hamilton County Jail.  We hope to minimize our client’s exposure to jail time whenever possible, but sometimes the law does not provide a remedy other than jail.   Here is her story: WHEN SERVING A SENTENCE AT THE HAMILTON [...]