DUI Sentencing

Charged with a felony DUI or OVI in the Cincinnati area?  You need an experienced lawyer that can explain the process and advocate for you each step of the way. We will file a request for the evidence the prosecutor intends to use against you at trial.  We will also file a request for the [...]

My name is Robert Healey and I am a lawyer that limits his practice to OVI defense in southwest Ohio. This blog is written by me to help potential clients in the Cincinnati area that have been charged with an OVI. The best way to fight a DUI case is three ways.  I am always looking [...]

A recent client reported back to us her observations about procedures when serving time at the Hamilton County Jail.  We hope to minimize our client’s exposure to jail time whenever possible, but sometimes the law does not provide a remedy other than jail.   Here is her story: WHEN SERVING A SENTENCE AT THE HAMILTON [...]

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