General DUI Q & A

Don’t worry when your OVI Lawyer is not in Court right when Court starts.  Most good lawyers will have a case load that requires them to be in many rooms, cities, counties, or state’s all on the same day.   You lawyer should give you advanced notice about when he will be there.  This will prevent [...]

To make a good lawyer you will need many ingredients to be successful.  Add three parts salesmanship, one part bill collector, two parts efficiency, one part accountant, one part savvy businessman, one part knowledge of the law, one part confidence, one part shrewd negotiator, and one part aggressiveness in defense of your clients. This mixture [...]

This week’s blog post revolves around the concept of knowledge vs. what can be done in Court.  Everyone wants to know if their lawyer knows the law. That is typically a low threshold of proof to a client that is not a lawyer.  However, it is also important that your lawyer be able to tell [...]

Fear of a DUI should be enough motivation to refrain from drinking and driving.  However, for those that need additional motivation to refrain from drinking to excess, please note the following excerpt from an article written by Sally Squires in 2005 and published in the Washington Post. Squires claims that alcohol packs seven calories per [...]

The law in Ohio prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs of abuse, and a combination of the two.  Drugs of abuse DUI charges are less common than alcohol and are more likely to happen to someone who did not know they were violating the law.  Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3719.011 defines controlled substances [...]

The Ohio Jury Instructions give us the definition that a jury would hear in a DUI case.  It also defines what a DUI is.  The following is an excerpt from the Ohio Jury Instructions: The defendant is charged with operating a (vehicle) (streetcar) (trackless trolley) while under (the influence of alcohol) (the influence of a [...]

My client's are often confused about what it means to have one drink.  They are really confused when that one or two drinks causes them to test over the prohibited level in Ohio of 0.08 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath. The CDC publishes an online FAQ about alcohol on their website,   [...]

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