General DUI Q & A

Life is full of 'rules of thumb'.  A stride is about a yard, as soon as you light a cigarette at a restaurant - your food will arrive, if you forget your anniversary - your wife won't.  It goes on and on - but in the legal world there are also 'rules of thumb'.  One [...]

Suhre and Associates, LLC sent four of its lawyers to get certified to administer standardized field sobriety tests last weekend.  All four lawyers graduated from the 3 day program and were certified. Our lawyers now have the same training that the police have as it relates to detection and apprehension of DUI offenders.  This will [...]

My name is Robert Healey and I am a lawyer that limits his practice to OVI defense in southwest Ohio. This blog is written by me to help potential clients in the Cincinnati area that have been charged with an OVI. The best way to fight a DUI case is three ways.  I am always looking [...]

This Blog is authored by Robert Healey, a lawyer that limits his practice to DUI & OVI defense in southwest Ohio.  He is an associate at Suhre & Associates, LLC, and currently manages the DUI & OVI Office in Dayton, Ohio, where he attended law school. If you are charged with a DUI or OVI in Hamilton [...]

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