Mother’s Day

Like every other holiday, the police will be out in force looking for Cincinnati DUI and OVI violations.  You can enjoy alcohol responsibly this weekend if you are not driving!

Lets talk about drinking responsibly.  This does not mean drinking with a limit of one an hour.  This does not mean not drinking and getting behind the wheel if you think you can make it home without hitting something.

I also prefer the term drinking safe.  This is where you can enjoy a few drinks and not have to worry about driving home.

Some of the best ways are that you can drink at home and invite your friends over to join you as long as they have a ride home or can spend the night.  You can also invite neighbors over for a grill out who can walk home.

Alcohol is not the problem.  Drinking and putting your self at risk for a DUI or OVI in Cincinnati is a bad choice.

You or someone else can get hurt.  You can also get caught by police and have to call someone like me to defend you.

Enjoy your summer.  Just enjoy it safe when you mix it with alcohol!

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