The Jail Is Full For Many Including OVI Offenders!

The Sherriff in Hamilton County said that his jail is full.  It is so full in fact that he has been forced to release some people early.  

In the last 30 days the Sheriff has processed and released over 40 people that have been charged with an OVI.  

So far in this year 16,703 have been released early from the Jail.  Compare that to the total in 2009 of 21,463 people.  In 2008 the total released was less than have that, or 9,220 people.

There are many reasons for the early release, but the main one from the Sheriff is overcrowding.  His website lists the following reasons for release:  Deferred 72, EARLY RELEASE 328, Non-Support Work Detail 192, Pre-Trial Early Release 832, PROCESS ONLY 15178, Work Detail Program  101.

The Sheriff also describes the release reasons in further detail:  

Process Only:  Non-sentenced inmate that is entered into our system, fingerprinted, photographed, given his/her arraignment Court Date and released.

Deferred Sentenced: inmate that is given a new date to return to complete his/her sentence.  

Early Release: Sentenced inmate that is released prior to the completion of his/her Court ordered sentence.

Pre-Trial Early Release: Non-sentenced inmate that is released without posting bond and given his/her next Court date.

Non-Support Work Detail:  Sentenced inmate that is released from the Justice Center to serve his/her sentence on an outside Work Detail.

Work Detail Program:  Sentenced by the Judge to the Outside Work Detail.

Whatever the reason, it appears that a good many people in the custody of the Sheriff can look forward to a continuing increase in people released early from the jail.  The figures are up in the first three quarters of 2010.  If the increase remains constant in the last quarter of 2010, it will result in an additional 888 people released early in 2010 over 2009’s figures.

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