What Makes A Good Lawyer

To make a good lawyer you will need many ingredients to be successful.  Add three parts salesmanship, one part bill collector, two parts efficiency, one part accountant, one part savvy businessman, one part knowledge of the law, one part confidence, one part shrewd negotiator, and one part aggressiveness in defense of your clients.

This mixture is often a gross overgeneralization of what it takes to be in private practice.  None of which are taught in Law School.

I would venture that most good lawyers are a mix of the above.  You will run into problems when you lack one of the skills above completely.

Ask your lawyer how he manages his time.  This will be a direct result of how much time he will have for you when you call his office.

I understand that most clients want to talk to their lawyer every time they call his office.  However, as a client you should understand that he has many clients, all of which require his time. 

Don’t lose your patience when it takes him a day to get back to you.  He could have been in court all day or if he is really luck on vacation.

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