Is It Necessary To Appear At The Arraignment?

There are several good reasons to appear at the arraignment, or first appearance.  You can make objections to the ticket and suspension, address the release of an impounded car, and obtain any evidence that might be in the file.

 Your attorney should be able to tell you when it is necessary to appear.  There are also reasons not to appear. 

 If your attorney reviewed the ticket and administrative suspension prior to court he can tell you if there are any defects in the documents.  Police do not impound all vehicles especially on a first offense.

 You may not want to appear if you will lose your job.  Your lawyer can evaluate the facts and documents particular to your case in advance of your first court appearance.

 There is a good chance that no compelling reason to appear exists.  In that case, your attorney can file a written plea of not guilty and reset the next hearing on a date as convenient as possible for you.

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