I Have Done Everything The Court Said, What Now?

The Court maintains jurisdiction over you with a period of probation.  This means they can impose any jail time or fines that were initially suspended for a violation of the terms and conditions of your sentence or probation.

You can hire an attorney to mitigate your sentence if you pay the fines and costs, go to the intervention program, and stay out of trouble for a period of time.  This has a good chance of success if done six months after sentencing on a first offense.

Probation is the way the Court makes sure you comply with the sentence.  If you have done everything it shows the Court that you do not need further looking after.

Granting a motion for mitigation is discretionary.  However, if granted, it means that you are no longer under the authority of the Court.

This should be a reward for good behavior for someone who can show the Court they will not get in trouble again.  It will also have the added bonus of removing you from any risk of suspended jail time or fines that that can be imposed if you get in trouble again.

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