Can I Get Privileges To Look For A Job? Part 2

The law in Ohio provides for limited driving privileges when you are under a suspension for a DUI.  You are eligible for privileges after any hard suspension time.

Once elligible, you can get privileges for the following reasons:  Occupational, Educational, Medical, and Vocational.

Part 2 of this blog series is devoted to clients who ask about whether they can get privileges for education.  Privileges are given at the discretion of the Judge and there is no right to them. 

Privileges for school will almost always be granted.  School schedules vary so much by day and times that the privileges are usually very broad.

Due to the variety of schedules a person will have each semerter or quarter, most Courts will allow a person to bring in a new schedule and update their privileges.  This is done with a new letter on the spot without having to go back in front of the Judge for a formal hearing.

Some Courts like Hamilton County will not do this.  You will have to file a motion to modify your driving privileges and have a formal hearing.  If your case is over, you will be charged a filing fee which is currently $10.

Most Courts will grant privileges for school and just tell you to carry a schedule on your person.  Some other Courts will require you to produce a school schedule and will only give you privileges for actual times you are in school.

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