Effects Of Ignition Interlock On Your CDL

Say you have a commercial driver’s license, or CDL for short, and the Judge allows you to have driving privileges with an ignition interlock device.  If you go to the BMV, they will tell you that they cannot give you the interlock license without cancelling all the endorsements on your CDL.  Is this some mistake?

No.  The Ohio BMV regulations require that any prior endorsements be cancelled upon issuance of the interlock license.  This is because it is a separate license and incapable of having any endorsements (like motorcycle or CDL) attached to it.

Your only option is to get the Judge, if it is discretionary, to remove the interlock restriction from your limited privileges.  An alternative would be to suggest to the Judge that you can submit to random urine screens. 

If the requirement is mandatory, you only have the option of winning on appeal of the suspension, not driving for the period of the suspension, or cancelling your endorsements.  Once the interlock license is no longer a requirement, if otherwise eligible, you can reapply for a new CDL.

You will be required to comply with all retesting requirements.  Note, the law does not allow a Judge in Ohio to grant you CDL privileges during any period of a CDL suspension or disqualification to operate a commercial vehicle.

You may be able to get privileges to drive a personal vehicle though.  Remember, there is no right to drive in Ohio and all limited privileges are subject to the Court’s discretion.

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