How To Act In A Courtroom

Most defense attorneys take it for granted that everyone knows how to act in a courtroom.  This can be a mistake.

First you should dress appropriately.  Wear a suit if you have one.

You should avoid bright colors.  Blue or black are the best.

Wear your best business casual clothes if you do not have a suit.  Avoid hats and excessive accessories.

You will want to be as neat and tidy as possible.  If you absolutely have to work the same day as court, try to bring a change of clothes with you.

You will not send the right message to the Judge if you are in work clothes.  The Judge will not take this as a sign that you are a hard worker. 

More likely, the Judge will decide that you are not showing the proper respect for the Court.  As a rule of thumb, do not wear it if it is: torn, dirty, cut-off, revealing, has writing on it, (*like a message that says, “your rules don’t apply to me.”), etc.  Ironically, a courtroom is not the place to test the bounds of your freedom of speech.

Also, do not have your phone turned on it court.  If you have to bring it, make sure it is off or on silent/vibrate before entering court.  Make sure you remove any ear pieces.

Have a seat when you get there.  Get there at least 30 minutes early to make sure one is available. 

Keep talking to a minimum before court and be silent once the Judge enters the room.  Wait until your name is called before approaching anyone other than your attorney.  If you do stand before the Court and there is a State Seal, etc. on the floor, do not stand on it.

Once you have been called it is a good idea to speak only when spoken to, and answer only the question you have been asked and nothing more. 

Avoid perfumes and colognes.  Also avoid any other electronic devices that will make noise.

Forget what you see on TV.  Do not cheer if you win your case, and do not curse if you lose. 

Be calm at all times.  Be respectful to everyone in the room.  Emotions can run just about as high in a courtroom as anywhere else, but that is no excuse to lose your cool.

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