Misconceptions About DUI Law And Police In General

So you want to know about popular misconceptions related to a DUI and the Police in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio?  The Ohio State Highway Patrol maintains a website that has very useful information and FAQs that address this very topic, http://www.statepatrol.ohio.gov/FAQ.stm#OVI.

For instance, they explain why there is no absolute “legal limit” except “zero.”  Why there is no reliable means to predict how many alcoholic beverages an individual can consume before becoming impaired. 

Why Sobriety checkpoints are designed to be a deterrent, not a trap.  Are troopers under a quota for writing traffic tickets?  Do police write tickets just for the money?  Why don’t police spend more time going after more “serious criminals” than pulling people over for minor traffic violations? 

Explore this and many other useful tips on their website.

If you or a family member have been arrested for DUI in the Greater Cincinnati area and need assistance with an upcoming court appearance in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton or Warren Counties, give us a call at our 24 Hour Emergency Number at 513.333.0014 for affordable and professional help.

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