How To Find Your Court Date

Cincinnati DUI Law Firm, Suhre & Associates, explains what to do when you forget your court date.  First, try to call your attorney.

Do not get discouraged if they do not answer because they might be in court.  Every court I have ever practiced in has a big sign on the door that says, “NO CELL PHONES” or “ALL CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF.”

If your attorney is not available, call your attorney’s office.  Their staff will most likely be able to assist you.

Lastly, most courts now allow dates to be viewed online.   See generally the Supreme Court of Ohio’s links at

At Suhre & Associates all our attorneys have their cell phone numbers printed on their business cards.  If you call and we cannot answer, make sure you leave a voicemai.  If we are in court, we will check our messages before your case is called if you are not present.  That way, if you are running late or have an emergency, we may be able to have the case continued instead of the judge issuing a warrant for your arrest.

If you need help with a DUI arrest in Cincinnati or an upcoming court appearance in Hamilton, Butler, Warren or Clermont Counties on a DUI charge, call our 24 Hour Emergency Number at 513.333.0014 to get professional help.

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