Driving After Classification As A Habitual DUI Offender

So, you have been convicted of your third DUI or traffic offense where drugs or alcohol were a factor in the last three years.  The Ohio BMV has labeled you a habitual DUI offender. 

Your suspension is up and you want to drive again.  What can you do?

Ohio Revised Code 4507.08 restricts a license or instruction permit from being issued to a driver who is an alcoholic, or addicted to the use of controlled substances.  Ohio Administrative Code 4501:1-1-16 defines this to mean a person convicted three or more times within the immediately preceding three-year period of DUI or any traffic violation where from the evidence presented, the Judge or Jury finds that alcohol or controlled substances were a contributing factor.

Once a finding is made, the Ohio Administrative Code 4501:1-1-18 states that Driving privileges shall not be restored until the registrar receives a report signed by a physician, psychologist, or a certified alcohol counselor stating that you have completed the necessary requirements.

You are required to complete a treatment or rehabilitation program and maintain a continuous six-month period of sobriety from alcohol and drugs.

Only then will you be able to restore your driving privileges.  Call our office immediately anytime you or a family member has been charged with a DUI or other traffic offense where drugs or alcohol could be a factor.

And remember, if you or a family member has been arrested for DUI in the Greater Cincinnati- and that includes Butler, Warren and Clermont Counties as well – give our office a call at 513.333.0014….24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  Because now is the perfect time to put a team that includes a former police officer and former prosecutors to work….for you!

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